Tuesday, 2 March 2010




Labour, Tory and Lib Dem politicians descended into confusion last night
as they were questioned over plans to cut Sotland’s budget after the
General Election, emphasising the SNP’s position as the only party
committed to protecting Scotland’s budget for the coming year.

Labour has already cut £800 million from this year’s budget and all three
parties have so far refused to rule out further cuts following the General
Election despite the economy’s fragile position.

On Newsnight Scotland last night the Labour, Tory and Lib Dem spokespeople
each managed to contradict other senior members in their party and all
failed to rule out cuts in the coming year.

While Margaret Curran contradicted earlier comments from Treasury Minister
Lian Byrne and claims from Gordon Brown, David Mundell directly
contradicted a claim from David McLetchie that there would be no cuts in
devolved areas saying “if the budget for the UK is going to change, the
budget in Scotland is going to change.”

Commenting on the cuts confusion SNP MSP Joe FitzPatrick who this week
lodged a parliamentary motion supporting Cosla President Pat Watters call
for all parties to keep Scotland’s budget intact for the next year said:

“The logic of Labour’s position is that Tory plans to cut this year would
be bad, but Labour cuts are ok.

“Labour has already jeopardised Scottish recovery with £800 million of
cuts this coming year, any further changes to that budget would be
disastrous for our economy and our public services.

“This is cuts chaos and confusion amongst the London parties. All three
are committed to cutting Scotland’s budget and not one of them could rule
out cuts this coming year, despite the lines their party colleagues may

“The only thing that is clear is that neither Cameron, Clegg nor Gordon
Brown is ruling out cuts to Scotland’s budget – despite that budget
already being set and public services setting out spending plans for the
year ahead.

“There is a real danger if these parties are able to go ahead with their
plans that Scotland’s recovery will be put at risk. Labour must answer
this question clearly – when Alistair Darling delivers his budget how much
will be slash Scottish spending by?

“While opposition politicians play fast and loose with our economy SNP MPs
are committed to protecting our recovery and it is by electing more SNP
MPs that Scotland’s voice and the needs of Scotland’s public services will
be heard loudly in London."

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