Wednesday, 26 November 2008



SNP Shadow Spokesman for the Scotland Office, Angus MacNeil MP has questioned the value of the Union after it emerged that every Scottish household’s share of the UK Government’s debt will rise to almost £50,000 by 2014.

Commenting from the House of Commons, where he has been participating in an emergency debate on the Pre-Budget Report, Mr MacNeil said:

“According to the Pre-Budget Report, additional borrowing per UK household for present year is £3,058. Next year, it will be £4,192. Over the next 6 years, borrowing per household will increase by over £20,000.

“UK cumulative debt per household last year was £23,630. By 2013/14, it will be £48,384. So much for the so-called Union dividend.

“For years, Labour claimed that independence would cost every Scottish household £5,000. Labour figured that was the size the bogeyman would need to be to scare Scots from the SNP and independence.

“The plan put forward by the Labour Government will cost each Scottish family £50,000. A household debt coming for everyone which will be almost TEN times higher than the straw bogeyman Labour manufactured.

“Indeed, when I made this point in the Chamber, former Chancellor Kenneth Clarke MP agreed that Scotland was owed an apology for decades of scaremongering.”

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