Wednesday, 28 July 2010



The SNP has seized on a report by the Royal United Services Institute
(RUSI) which says the so-called continuous-at-sea-deterrence is no
longer necessary following the end of the Cold War, and that Trident
should be scaled back or abandoned altogether.

SNP Westminster leader and Defence spokesperson Angus Robertson MP said:

“From being a deterrence during the Cold War, Trident has itself now
become one of the biggest defence risks we face with the cost of
replacement threatening the future of conventional forces and bases.

“As our brave forces serve in Afghanistan they should not wonder
whether their battalions and bases face cuts to pay for renewal of
this redundant weapons system. The prospect of liability for Trident
being absorbed into the core defence budget would either have a
devastating impact for spending on conventional forces, which are
already overstretched, or just lead to more damaging cuts.

“The Treasury say they do not want to pay for it, the Defence
Secretary warns that the country can no longer afford to be equipped
against every conceivable danger, and now this report confirms Trident
is no longer necessary. It should be game, set and match.

“The strategic review is about choices for the future and prioritising
our defence needs in a changed world. Conventional forces, which have
already been cut back, should not be forced to compete with Trident
for resources.

“Anyway that you look at it; on moral, economic or political grounds,
renewal of these weapons of mass destruction is untenable.”

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