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Voters in Glasgow North East will be without an MP for a record length of
time SNP research confirmed today (Monday). The news comes as SNP MSP for
Glasgow, Anne McLaughlin lodges a motion in the Scottish Parliament
expressing concern over the failure of the UK Labour Government to move
the writ for the Glasgow North East by-election, leaving the constituency
without representation at Westminster for four months.

SNP research reveals that by failing to move the writ for the by-election
before the parliamentary recess, Labour are leaving the constituency
without an MP for a record breaking length of time.

The longest interval since 1979, between a Member demitting office and the
writ being moved, is currently 113 days. This occurred in South Antrim
after Clifford Forsythe MP passed away in 2000. After Mr Forsythe died on
27th April, the writ was issued on 18th August (during the recess) and the
by-election was held on 21 September.

The earliest date the writ can now be moved is October 12th – 114 days
since former Commons Speaker Michael Martin stood down as MP for Glasgow
North East.

Commenting, campaign coordinator Stewart Hosie MP said:

“This record poll delay truly takes the biscuit, and Labour’s attempts to
fob-off people in Glasgow just won’t wash. With this record beating delay,
Labour are putting politics before people.

“The community faces serious challenges with the threat of job losses at
Diageo and the closure of local schools by the Labour council. Now, more
than ever, people in Glasgow North East need an MP to stand up for local

“Labour had the chance to set an early date for the election last week,
but the party objected and voted against giving people in Glasgow their

SNP Glasgow North East candidate, David Kerr, added:

“Labour are clearly running scared of voters in Glasgow North East – after
the Norwich North result last week Labour are clearly worried about what
people in Glasgow will have to say about their record in the city.

“People in Scotland know that it is the SNP who have delivered real
benefits for them and their family and are helping them out in the hard
times by freezing the council tax, delivering a record number of police
officers, restoring free education, reducing business rates, and
abolishing prescription charge.

1. The text of Anne McLaughlin MSP’s Motion is set out below:

Date of Lodging: 27 July 2009
Short Title: Voice for Glasgow North East
S3M-04630 Anne McLaughlin (Glasgow) (SNP): That the Parliament notes with
concern and disappointment that residents of the Glasgow North East
Westminster constituency will be without representation in the UK
Parliament for up to four months; recognises that, in stark contrast,
voters in Norwich North elected a new MP after only 48 days, and believes
that the people of Glasgow North East deserve the same representation in
the UK Parliament as any other constituency and require a strong voice at
all times, especially when the community is facing major job losses at the
Port Dundas Diageo distillery.

2. A selection of quotes from local residents in Glasgow East, expressing
concern over the delay, are detailed below:

Jakki Morrison - a home carer from Milton - said: "Four months is a long
time to be without an MP - especially given the situation at Port Dundas.
Glasgow North East needs a strong voice to speak for the people."

Hugh Fitzgerald - Chair of Germiston Community Council - said: "Labour
haven't done anything for this area in generation and once again they've
neglected us by leaving us without an MP for months."

Lynn Scott - Parent Campaigner for Barmulloch Primary - said: "We want our
by-election and we want it now. This ridiculous tactic of run and hide
until everyone forgets about Labour's school closures just isn't good

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