Saturday, 26 December 2009



SNP MSP Bill Wilson has called for action to reverse a 10% tax hike on motorised scooters for disabled people.

The tax, confirmed by the European Union in June sees mobility scooters classed as leisure vehicles – alongside Formula One Racing Cars – which sees them covered by a 10% import tax.

The 10% tax hike could mean an additional £250 being paid by disabled people for what are often essential means of transport.

The tax follows a ruling by the World Customs Organisation in 2005 and a change in the EU tax levy was confirmed in July this year.

Charity Elizabeth Finn Care, who are campaigning against the tax, estimate the Government will take in £6 million in revenue from the scooters.

Dr Wilson has lodged a Parliamentary motion calling for the tax to be dropped.

West of Scotland MSP Bill Wilson said:

“I don’t think a mobility scooter would stand much of a chance against an F1 car.

“It is utterly ridiculous that scooters used by disabled people to get around are being taxed the same as cars used for sports racing. There is no comparison between the two.

“If they are going to be taxed the same then let’s see Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton win the grandprix in a scooter.

“Common sense must prevail. Disabled people are often reliant on benefit funding or in lower paid employment, with a survey for the DWP showing that 24 per cent of individuals in disabled households were in poverty compared to only 14 % in non disabled households. Adding extra charges for essential equipment is only going to make that situation worse.

“This is sheer stupidity and must be changed. I have lodged a parliamentary motion and will be writing to the UK Treasury and new EU tax commissioner calling for his ridiculous situation to be changed.”

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