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Support for the SNP remains strong despite opposition attacks over the last week according to a YouGov poll for the Daily Mail.
The poll of 1078 Scottish adults between the 24th and 26th August shows that *More people support Alex Salmond as the best Scottish First Minister than support three opposition party leaders - combined! *Support for Alex Salmond as First Minister was 32%, nearly 3 times higher than that for Ian Gray and Annabel Goldie and over 5 times higher than Tavish Scott at 6%. *A majority of Liberal Democrats - 57% - think releasing Abdelbasset al-Megrahi was the right decision, as do well over a third of Labour voters (39%). *Two thirds of those questioned support Kenny MacAskill remaining as Justice Minister regardless of their view of the decision. *More people support the SNP in the Scottish constituency vote than any other party. *Support for the SNP at a Westminster election is 7 points higher than the 2005 result. Commenting on the results SNP Depute Leader and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP said; "The Justice Secretary made a brave and difficult decision, and this poll illustrates the underlying strength of the SNP and Scottish Government in these circumstances. The First Minister's ratings are three times higher than those of the Labour or Tory leaders in Scotland, and there is strong support for the Justice Secretary. The SNP maintains a Holyrood constituency poll lead, and our support is 7 points up on the last General Election. "The Justice Secretary had to make a decision about Mr Al Megrahi. He had the courage to make the right decision for the right reasons, which attracts very substantial support in this poll. It will gather further support on that basis, because people recognise that Mr MacAskill upheld the due process of Scots Law in difficult circumstances. The poll also indicates how ill-judged it was for the other parties to politicise the issue, with, for example, a majority of Lib Dem voters in support of the Justice Secretary's decision. "Some polls have put support for independence lower, some higher. What is important is that the SNP Government - unlike the London-based parties - have the confidence to put the issue to people fair and square in a referendum, and we are confident that the people will choose independence and equality for Scotland."


The Daily Mail / YouGov poll sampled 1078 Scottish adults between the 24th and 26th August 2009.

1.Which of the following do you believe would make the best Scottish First Minister; Alex Salmond – 32%, Iain Gray – 12%, Annabel Goldie – 11%, Tavish Scott – 6%.

2.Do you think releasing Abdelbasset al –Megrahi was the right or wrong decision to make ; Right 42%, Wrong – 51%, Don’t Know 6%

3.Among Liberal Democrat voters 57% think it was the right decision, as do 39% of Labour voters and 30% of Conservative voters.

4.Asked if Kenny MacAskill should remain in post 62% said he should, including 20% who disagreed with the decision.

5.Asked who they would vote for in the Scottish constituency vote ; 33% SNP, 31% Labour, 16% Lib Dem, 16% Con, 5% other.

6.The poll puts the SNP Westminster vote at 25%, compared to only 18% in 2005.


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