Thursday, 30 April 2009



SNP MSP Michael Matheson has welcomed the support of the Licensed Trade for the Scottish Government’s proposals to introduce a minimum price on alcohol to tackle many of the health and social problems resulting from alcohol consumption.

The measure has won the support of the Licensed Trade Association combining the associations of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

Minimum pricing is one of a package of measures aimed at improving health and communities as well as cutting the £2.5 billion cost of alcohol related problems to our public services.

Welcoming the support Health committee member Mr Matheson said;

“The SNP know that people across Scotland do not want to see their families and communities damaged by the impact of alcohol on people’s lives. The cost to our society and to our public services must be addressed.

“Together we’ve got what it takes to tackle the damaging side of Scotland’s relationship with alcohol and the SNP is determined to challenge and to change Scotland’s alcohol culture.

“The Scottish Government has proposed a radical package of measures including minimum pricing to address the health, economic, and social impact of alcohol on our communities and the support of the licensed trade for these measures is a welcome sign.

“The support of the UK Licensed Trade Association adds to the increasing consensus from the alcohol industry, medical professionals and police that minimum pricing is an essential step toward bringing Scotland’s relationship with alcohol under control and improving the health of individuals and communities across the country.”

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