Thursday, 29 April 2010



Commenting on a visit to Livingston Credit Union today (Thursday) SNP
Finance Secretary, John Swinney MSP, stressed the importance of
responsible lending and protecting the vulnerable as he joined Livingston
candidate Lis Bardell.

The SNP manifesto includes commitments to encourage people back into work
without penalising them, to increase the pension and minimum wage in line
with earnings and to protect attendance allowance.

Commenting Mr Swinney said:

“In the next Parliament we need to protect Scotland’s vulnerable from the
cuts agendas of the London parties.

“SNP candidates like Lis Bardell will put the interests of Scots at the
heart of the next Parliament.

“Only this week we’ve seen families affected by Farepak receive only 15p
per pound for the millions they lost – after the Labour Government failed
to protect their interests.

“In our manifesto the SNP has pledged to protect society’s most
vulnerable. The SNP’s priority is to help Scots weather the economic storm
by cutting the things that matter least so that we can protect the things
that matter most.

“We want to see financial support for pensioners increase in line with
earnings, and real incentives into work rather than benefits plans that
penalise people for getting jobs.

SNP Candidate in Livingston Lis Bardell said

“It is by voting SNP in this election that Scottish people can help
vulnerable people in Scotland during the economic crisis. In a balanced
parliament a strong block of Scottish MPs could champion consumer rights
to protect against inflated interest rates and concentrate on protecting
the things that mean the most to Scottish people.

“The farepak scandal shows how little Labour has really done for people
hit by the financial crisis, and if elected as a local champion for
Livingston I will work to ensure the vulnerable are protected in the next

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