Saturday, 22 May 2010



SNP preparations for the 2011 Holyrood election are underway as the party
confirmed selection procedures for constituency and regional list
candidates have begun.

Anyone wishing to put themselves forward should contact their local
Constituency Association or SNP Headquarters for details.

The opening of nominations comes as the party turns its attention to the
2011 Holyrood election and the importance of a strong SNP Government to
put Scotland’s interests first through the tough times ahead.

All constituency candidates are to be selected by 7th August.

Nominations for regional list candidates will close on the 16th August
with postal ballots being issued to the SNP’s 15,000 members at the end of
August. Results will be declared in late September.

SNP Business Convener and Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford said:

“The SNP in the Scottish Parliament has put Scotland first at all times
over the last three years and will continue to do so.

“SNP MSPs have helped bring real change to Scotland over the last three
years and I hope that others will take this opportunity to think about
what they can contribute to Scotland at Holyrood and consider stepping
forward to represent their local communities with the SNP.

“Attention is fixed firmly on the Holyrood election in 2011 and the way
forward for Scotland as we face the tough times and spending cuts coming
from the new Tory- Liberal government as a result of Labour’s economic

“Scotland’s voters have been misled by Labour’s claims that they would
keep the Tories out and let down by the Liberals rush for power. At the
2011 election voters will be looking for a party that unlike them will put
the people before party politics at the next election.

“Over the last three years, the SNP team in Holyrood has taken Scotland
forward, delivering a council tax freeze for three years, removing tolls
from the Forth and Tay Bridges, scrapping the graduate endowment,
improving waiting times and cleanliness in our hospitals

“The SNP has put investing in sustainable growth at the heart of our
government creating and sustaining jobs through the recession, building
new council homes and passing world leading climate change legislation
backed by real support for Scotland as Europe’s renewables energy capital.

“With the Tories back in power in London, and Labour powerless across the
UK it is essential that we see a strong team from the SNP stepping forward
to campaign for Scotland in 2011 and to continue the work of building a
strong future for Scotland in the Holyrood Parliament.”

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