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Iain Gray’s blunder filled question time has been contradicted by reports from the Construction Skills Network and the news that Labour’s Glasgow City Council is using the Scottish Futures Trust to help increase jobs and investment in the City Centre.

In a revelation which backfires on Iain Gray papers from Glasgow City Council show the Labour leadership is working with the Scottish Future’s Trust to deliver jobs, construction and investment.

Similarly reports from the Construction Skills Network today state that Scotland’s construction industry is faring better than other parts of the UK and is leading the pack across the UK in key areas.

Discussing Future’s Trust involvement in proposals for an extension to the Buchanan Galleries a report written by Labour Councillor George Ryan says

“the Directors of Development in both Cities have met with the Scottish Executive First Minister and his advisors, and the Scottish Futures Trust and been given encouragement to work up appropriate TIF proposals. The Futures Trust has provided detailed guidance on the contents of the Business Case which would be a requirement of any TIF submission to the Scottish Executive.”

He goes on to state:

“4.3 As this is an entirely new funding mechanism it will be crucial for the Council to undertake comprehensive due diligence to ensure that it is not exposing itself to undue financial risk. Advice has been taken from the Scottish Futures Trust, and detailed discussions are underway covering all aspects of the estimated costings for the development, the developers return, the projected NDR income etc as part of the initial work being undertaking to prepare a full business case to submit to Government as a detailed TIF proposal.”

SNP Glasgow MSP Bill Kidd said:

“Gray has been undermined by his own party.

“Labour across the country is working with the Scottish Future’s Trust, to build schools, support jobs and to increase investment.

“With Glasgow facing problems finding funding to extend the Buchanan Galleries it is the Scottish Futures Trust that is helping them explore alternatives to generate jobs and investment.

“Similarly today’s news from the Construction Skills network shows SNP investment in capital projects is having an impact in keeping people in work and bringing the Scottish construction industry through the recession.

“The Future’s Trust is not just helping out Labour in Glasgow but is delivering schools across the country, the Borders Rail Link – that Labour want to cancel, and the Forth Replacement Crossing amongst others.

“It is clear Stephen Purcell’s administration welcomes that while Gray stands on the sidelines.”

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