Wednesday, 30 June 2010



Seizing on reports that cuts announced in the Budget could lead to up
to 1.3 million jobs being lost by 2015, SNP Treasury spokesperson
Stewart Hosie MP said the leaked figures underlined concerns that
Con/Dem cuts were going too far, too fast and risking recovery.

Mr Hosie said:

“These estimates are a chilling warning of the impact that making cuts
too far and too fast will have on the economy. The Tories, backed by
the Liberal Democrats, are putting Scottish jobs on the line and
recovery at risk.

“Labour left the public finances in a mess, but the new UK Government
is making things worse by taking money out of the economy which should
be used to support jobs and recovery.

“This frightening forecast reinforces the case for financial
responsibility for Scotland, so that we can make our own decisions and
use our own powers over taxation, spending and other key economic
levers in order to grow the Scottish economy.

“Financial responsibility can enable us to do what we need to
safeguard jobs, build economic success and a fair society. Growth is
the key to moving beyond the difficulties that the Westminster
government has delivered to Scotland, and secure a better and
sustainable future.”

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