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The SNP have made inroads in tackling deprivation in Glasgow according to
the latest edition of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation published
today (Thursday).

The number of deprived areas in Glasgow has fallen 4.5% since the SNP came
to power, with the largest improvement, a fall of 12% taking place in the
Springburn area of Glasgow North East.

The figures record the most deprived parts of Scotland based not just on
income but also on housing, health, employment, education, access to
transport and prevalence of crime.

While there are still serious challenges to meet in Glasgow, SNP
by-election candidate in Glasgow North East today highlighted the

Mr Kerr said:

"The SNP is committed to working with communities in the North East to
better housing, tackle crime, improve education and bring an end to the
scourge of poverty that has blighted this constituency for generations.

"Today's figures show that those efforts are paying off in Springburn and
across the city. After decades of neglects and – despite higher
unemployment under Labour than in the Tory years - Springburn is really
turning a corner.

"Labour are letting local people down with school closures and cuts to
education - a move which risks putting areas back into relative poverty.
Contrast this with the SNP who are pushing ahead with free school meals
for all young children, ABOLISHING prescription charges, FREEZING COUNCIL
TAX, new housing and community health services as well as real action to
tackle the drugs and drink culture that threatens communities.

"Areas of deprivation in this constituency has persisted for far too long.
In this by-election I have seen all to clearly the evidence of
Labour's neglect alongside the potential of this community.

"Only a strong local voice for Glasgow North East will ensure that the
progress achieved in recent years is maintained and taken forward. Only an
SNP MP will stand up to Glasgow City Council's attempts to do this are

"As a strong voice for this constituency at Westminster I would ensure
that as Labour or Tory governments look to cut services, funding and
financial support those who face the problems of poverty in this
constituency are the last to be hit - not the first to be sacrificed."

SNP Work and Pensions spokesperson and MP for Glasgow East John
Mason - which includes some of the most income deprived areas, warned
of the impact UK benefit changes could have. Mr Mason said:

"Real progress has been made in many areas under the SNP but there is much
more to do.

"Jobs and investment are vital to tackle poverty and the announcement in
the last two weeks of over 1700 jobs for Glasgow by the SNP Government is
a big step forward. Similarly the regeneration of the
East End, funded by the Scottish Government for the Commonwealth Games
has the potential to leave a lasting legacy of improvements and
opportunities for the East End.

"We have already seen this week that reforms to incapacity benefit have
left many falling further into poverty with benefits unpaid,removed or
paid incorrectly.

"With the UK Government now implementing major changes to the support
available to parents - particularly single parents - it is vital we have
strong SNP voices at Westminster to represent Glasgow and ensure the good
work being done to improve health, housing and cut crime in
Glasgow is not put at risk by the UK's desire to cut the benefits bill
without addressing the implications on poverty."

1. Of the 83 areas within Springburn the number in the 15% most deprived
areas in Scotland has fallen from 53 in 2006 to 43 in

2. Areas in Springburn are improving faster under the SNP with a 12% fall
in areas amongst the 15% most deprived between 2006 and 2009 compared to
a 9.6% fall between 2004 and 2006.

3. The neighbouring area of Glasgow Maryhill - also in
Glasgow North East saw a 4% fall.

4. Across the whole of Glasgow the number of areas amongst
Scotland's 15% most deprived has fallen from 47.6% to 43.1%

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