Friday, 26 February 2010



SNP Councillors and MSPs have expressed their disappointment with the
business as usual approach from Labour councillors on SPT.

Despite calls from opposition councils and the Scottish Government for SPT
to adopt a balanced political leadership today's meeting of the board saw
Labour members annoint a new Labour party leadership to the troubled
transport body.

Questions have been raised over Labour's management of SPT since
allegations emerged over the use of expenses by the Chair, Vice Chair and
Chief Executive - all of whom have now resigned.

The First Minister this week urged SPT to reform itself and the Transport
Minister urged the board to accept a balanced leadership.

Commenting on the vote to endorse a new round of Labour councillors as
Chair and Vice Chair SNP Councillor Graeme Hendry said:

"This business as usual approach from Labour will not bring the change SPT

"It is deeply disappointing that Labour refused to see sense over the
appointment of either the chair or vice chair and any prospect for
immediate reform at SPT is now in question.

"That the new chair was part of the now notorious trip to the UEFA cup in
Manchester which saw the downfall of his predecessor only makes this
decision even more backward.

SNP MSP Sandra White who raised the issue at First Ministers Question said:

"The First Minister was clear that if SPT do not reform themselves they
may find someone else does it for them.

"A balanced board would be the way forward and it is disappointing that at
a time when SPT needs to rebuild its reputation and its services Labour
have failed to see that.

"SPT will be being watched very closely not just by councillors but by the
people of Strathclyde who deserve far better than it has given them in the

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