Sunday, 28 February 2010



Commenting on a Yougov Poll for the Scotland on Sunday and an analysis of
their polling conducted over the last week SNP MP Angus Robertson said the
party had withstood the sustained attacks of recent weeks and had reached
a turning point as we look towards the General Election.

Analysis of You Gov polling samples throughout last week shows SNP support
increasing by 6% over the week as Labour fell by 4%.

SNP Westminster leader and Moray MP Angus Robertson said:

“The SNP have stood up to sustained attack of an unprecedented nature, and
detailed poll analysis demonstrates that there was a major turning point
over the course of last week - with SNP support up 6 points by the end of
the week compared to last Sunday.

“Labour’s orchestrated complaints to the Standards Commissioner were
completely dismissed, and Nicola Sturgeon saw off opposition attacks over
her constituency issue with a hugely impressive performance in the
chamber. We have succeeded in stopping the negative issues, regained the
initiative with the publication of the draft Referendum Bill, and are now
on the front foot as we approach the General Election campaign.

“It is a sign of the resilience of SNP support that this poll shows a
swing from Labour to the SNP since the last General Election – with SNP
support up three points and Labour down two – and we plan to improve our
position further in the coming weeks. Almost three years into government,
we remain in a strong position despite the difficulties.

“We have a compelling message for the General Election to champion
Scotland’s interests at Westminster – which this poll shows is endorsed by
most people in Scotland. Just as we are on the front foot on the
constitution, the SNP’s winning message is that Scotland needs real
economic powers to succeed – and needs SNP MPs to be champions for their
constituency and country at Westminster."

The Scottish National Party published an analysis of the Scottish samples
of YouGov voting intentions for the General Election over the course of
the last week, which shows a strong recovery in the SNP vote of 6 points:


SNP: increased by 6 points from 18% to 24%
Labour: decreased by 4 points from 45% to 41%
Tory: decreased by 6 points from 22% to 16%
Lib Dem: increased by 4 points from 11% to 15%

Poll in Sunday Times, 22 February, sampled 18/19 February, Scottish sample
SNP: 18%
Lab: 45%
Con: 22%
Lib Dem: 11%

Poll in Sun, 23 February, sampled 21/22 February, Scottish sample 149
SNP: 20%
Lab: 39%
Con: 17%
Lib Dem: 18%

Poll in Sun, 24 February, sampled 22/23 February, Scottish sample 132
SNP: 22%
Lab: 44%
Con: 17%
Lib Dem: 12%

Poll in Sun, 25 February, sampled 23/24 February, Scottish sample 118
SNP: 20%
Lab: 43%
Con: 19%
Lib Dem: 15%

Poll in Sun, 26 February, sampled 24/25 February, Scottish sample 195
SNP: 24%
Lab: 41%
Con: 16%
Lib Dem: 15%

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